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Story-telling stones in the Káli Basin, grey B

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1h 53mRiding time
18.9 kmLength
216 m
216 m
Elevation difference
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1. Route description, explanation of signs
The trail on this tour is: 232, the tour is marked as grey B. Low-traffic public roads: 12.4 km, agricultural roads: 2.9 km, bike paths: 3.6 km.

2. Difficulty factors in the tour
From Szentbékkálla, the route follows Öreghegyi dűlő from kilometre 13 on a dirt road surrounded by vineyards for 4 km. The difficulty is due to the quality of the road.
Note: This section can be substituted by the public road between Szentbékkálla and Köveskál, but it can be dangerous due to heavy traffic. Therefore, the route was planned on Öreghegyi út instead, which is a bit bumpy but safer and really scenic as well.

3. Ambience
If you think that stones are cold and numb formations you will experience a kind of miracle during this almost 20 kilometre long round trip. Here the stones actually look as if they could speak. They tell about the geological origin of the landscape, the Pannonian Sea, the once active volcanoes, the thousand-year-old tradition of winegrowing, the religious zeal of the former inhabitants, the changeful history and the progress of today. If you listen carefully to the stones, the history of the Balaton Highlands, full of twists and turns, unfolds before your very eyes and you yourself become a part of the history. When cycling by, you unintentionally leave traces behind you: in the form of a friendly smile or a good conversation. The hilly route, which sometimes leads to climbs, rewards you in descents with a refreshing wind in your face, and while resting you can think about the moral of the story: it is so good that stones were left standing around here.

4. Detailed tour description
The trail leads from Köveskál on a low-traffic paved road towards Kővágóörs, passing Lake Kornyi and crossing the Káli basin. After leaving the village of Kővágóörs, take the low-traffic public road towards Kékkút. When you arrive in Kékkút, you must try the famous Kékkút mineral water from the roadside fountain.
After leaving Kékkút and reaching the public road 7313, turn right and ride for one and a half kilometres on the road that is rather busy in the high season. Unfortunately, this stretch is the only way to get to Mindszentkálla.
Turn left from the main road and ride along a low-traffic paved road to Mindszentkálla. The village shop is open all year round, and in high season there is also a nice pub with a terrace and food service next to the shop.
Cycle along a quiet, paved road from Mindszentkálla to the next jewel of the Káli basin, Szentbékkálla. This particularly charming, authentic village of the Balaton Highlands offers several quality restaurants and garden pubs. From the centre of the village, a signposted dirt road leads to one of the most outstanding natural sights of the Balaton Highlands, the Kőtenger with its impressive wobbling stones. After the short detour, continue to the Öreghegyi gravel path on the outskirts of Szentbékkálla, which leads along the hillside and offers a gorgeous panoramic view of the Káli Basin and its volcanic hills.
Turning off from Öreghegyi út you will return to Köveskál.

Municipalities on the route: Köveskál, Szentbékkálla, Kővágóörs, Kékkút, Mindszentkálla.
Also recommended in rainy weather
Target group:
Holiday in the region
Regular cyclist
Asphalt and Good Quality Gravel
Popular Attractions
Type of bicycle recommended for the tour:
Mountain bike
Touring (trekking) bike
Road detailsComposition by road category:
All roads18.9 km
  • Bike path3.6 km (19.1%)
  • Public road0.0 km (0.0%)
  • Public road low traffic12.4 km (65.7%)
  • Forestry road0.0 km (0.0%)
  • Sidewalk0.0 km (0.0%)
  • Dam0.0 km (0.0%)
  • Agricultural road2.9 km (15.2%)
  • Boat/Ferry0.0 km (0.0%)
Road surface category:
All roads18.9 km
  • Paved16.0 km (84.9%)
  • Gravel2.9 km (15.2%)
  • Dirt0.0 km (0.0%)
Elevation difference:
Total elevation difference:217 m
Maximal elevation difference:10-15%
(1 rating(s))
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Other cyclists' reviews:
Jac8/16/22, 1:20:38 PM

Bardzo fajna widokowo pętla. Polecam połączyć sobie ją z trasą oznaczoną szara literą A i startująca z Badacsonytomaj. Razem te trasy tworzą bardzo widokową ósemkę. Na trasie odcinek szutrowy jest kamienisty, ale zdecydowanie nie warto go omijać asfaltem bo to najciekawszy i najbardziej widokowy fragment. Jedziemy sobie zboczem wzgórza wśród winnic, sadów i starych gospodarstw. Sielanka Typ roweru dowolny bez szosowych z uwagi na fragment kamienisty Zdecydowanie polecam.

Further informationThe GINOP-7.1.9-17 - 2018 - 00012 development project shall be implemented in the Lake Balaton high profile tourism development area. The aim of the project is to extensively implement cycling developments for the entire region, including both shoreline and backcountry settlements in the circulation.