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Fast, fast, slow – change of pace in Somogy – red A

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7h 44mRiding time
77.4 kmLength
644 m
644 m
Elevation difference
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1. Route description, explanation of signs A long, intermediate level tour in the southern Lake Balaton area. The beginning and end of summer - May-June and September - are ideal for completing the tour, when the heat is not unbearable at daytime but the days are already (or still) long enough. Most of the route runs on low-traffic public roads but there are also sections on bike paths and agricultural roads. There is an unpaved road between Vityapuszta and Gamás but it is rideable almost all y...

Target group:
Amateur athlete
Asphalt and Good Quality Gravel
Hidden Gems
Popular Attractions
Type of bicycle recommended for the tour:
Mountain bike
Road detailsComposition by road category:
All roads77.4 km
  • Bike path6.2 km (8.0%)
  • Public road1.9 km (2.4%)
  • Public road low traffic60.6 km (78.2%)
  • Forestry road0.0 km (0.0%)
  • Sidewalk0.0 km (0.0%)
  • Dam0.0 km (0.0%)
  • Agricultural road8.8 km (11.3%)
  • Boat/Ferry0.0 km (0.0%)
Road surface category:
All roads77.4 km
  • Paved70.0 km (90.4%)
  • Gravel6.7 km (8.7%)
  • Dirt0.7 km (0.9%)
Elevation difference:
Total elevation difference:644 m
Maximal elevation difference:10-15%
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Further informationThe GINOP-7.1.9-17 - 2018 - 00012 development project shall be implemented in the Lake Balaton high profile tourism development area. The aim of the project is to extensively implement cycling developments for the entire region, including both shoreline and backcountry settlements in the circulation.